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Wieder Gut! Frosch im Hals/It’s all good Soothing Throat herbal tea blend: lime-tree blossoms, elderflowers, rose hip, ribwort and mallow (doesn’t specify what sort).

…I really wanted this one to work. Because “frog in your throat” is such a cute name :)
But sadly, it seems to taste of soup. And since I currently don’t have a frog in my throat, I can’t vouch for its effectiveness.

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Früchtetraum/Fruit Delight fruit tea blend: hibiscus, rose hip, apple and raspberry pieces, vanilla.

A lovely fruit tea with a strong berry flavour. More, please!

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Alles Liebe/All The Best spice-fruit tea blend.
Aniseed, savory, coriander, licorice, verbena, cloves, parsley, pineapple and sunflower leaves.
The second tea on the list is called “Alles Liebe” and it is indeed full of sweet things – too bad that I’m not very susceptible to those.
The liquorice-aniseed blend had me stop after the first sip, and the BF, who doesn’t mind licorice, complained about the coriander. So, sadly, this is not the tea for us.
It will pick up tomorrow, though…!

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The first packet in the 24 days organic tea sampler is called “Thank you” which, I assume, thanks the owner for buying it :)
The tea is a pleasant deep yellow. It contains lemon balm, rosemary, sage, hyssop, lavender, rose, bluebottle and clover blossoms.
Sadly the taste, despite having no camomile in it, reminds me strongly of camomile – or soap. It’s pleasant enough but not really what I want in my tea glass.

Also, note to self: there is not enough white cloth in this house to make a proper white backdrop to capture the colour of the tea. *sigh*

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