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Bento #223

I did some other bentos this week but I didn’t get around to post them. They weren’t particularly interesting, anyway.

This one on the other hand is stuffed with yummy food – and since it’s all leftovers, it was easily assembled!
Front: Spanish potato tortilla, pickled beans and onions, cherry tomato.
Back: Spinach and feta “börek” roll, roasted bell peppers in balsam vinegar, a babybel cheese and a chocolate frog.

I haven’t had a Spanish tortilla in my bento in ages! Maki of Just Bento reminded me of it.

The feta and spinach rolls are really easy. I bought dough for it, but you can just use some sheets of phyllo dough cut into triangles as well. Just cut a stick of feta, cover it in spinach (I thawed whole leaf spinach from my freezer – if you use fresh parboil them so they wilt and press out the water), then roll the feta-spinach roll up in the dough triangle. Deep-fry or ovenbake sprayed with a little oil (like I did).

For pickling the onions and beans, caramelise 4 Tsp. sugar in a pot. Add a cup of wine, 4 Tsp. balsamic vinegar, some water, a bay leaf, a sprig of thyme, and the beans and onions of your choice (the cookbook called for giant white beans and whole shallots, neither of which I had, but borlotti beans and quartered red onions worked just as well) and simmer for at least 20 minutes. Salt and pepper to taste and keep in a jar in the fridge.
Serve as-is or add a little olive oil on top before serving. All I can say is YUM.

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Bento #221

OK, this is officially the most food I’ve ever managed to stuff into that box :D
Lots of meze leftover from last night’s dinner. I had no lettuce at home so I overcompensated a bit on the green veggies side when stuffing the bento :)

Big box: baked potato wedges, broccoli, shredded carrot salad, celery, couscous-feta-spinach patties, a falafel, cherry tomatoes and a cup of Ajvar and mayo for dipping.

Small box: more broccoli, asparagus, Halloumi, a mini kit-kat bar and a cup of pickled onions. Tomato flower and oregano decoration.

BF gets the same in a different box.

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Bento #196

Mostly to show off the new picks I got in Austria :) Falafel, croquette balls, broccoli, ajvar and mayo in the cup, half a hardboiled egg, lettuce and sliced carrots with a fishy of vinegar dressing, a cherry tomato, grapes and a chocolate.

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Bento #189

Big box (background): Couscous with woked veggies, bell pepper flower, carrot flowers
Small box (foreground): Muhammara, stuffed chili, falafel, grapes and more carrot flowers.

BF gets the same in a Curver box.

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I’ll have lunch at the company tomorrow, so this is a small bento before the evening painting class.
Homebaked sourdough rolls with lettuce, fried Halloumi, cherry tomato slices and onion, Falafel, bear container with walnut-pepper sauce and some croquettes on a pick in the lower layer.
Couscous with parsley, a stuffed pepper, more croquettes, olives, salad and a fishy with balsam vinegar for the salad in the upper layer.

BF gets the same and a candy in the bigger Curver box.

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Pide on a Thursday!

To all my readers from the USA, happy Thanksgiving! We don’t celebrate it here, but my thoughts are with you. Mmm… a holiday dedicated to having delicious food… what’s not to love?

From my side, I’ll be sharing some baking love:
I love Turkish flatbread (Pide) and I couldn’t resist making it myself. I’ve been wanting to do it all week, but I couldn’t find the flour I wanted (Saltå Kvarn wheat flour, biodynamic and all that) until today.
I took a very basic recipe from RecipeZaar but halved it and added some of my own decorations.

Two comments to the recipe in advance:
1. The dough gets less sticky if you add as little water at one time as possible and stop as soon as the dough is not crumbly anymore. It still rose beautifully for me.
2. DON’T roll it out, toss the circles gently by hand.

Here are the rolls covered in olive oil, ready to go into the oven.
I love the taste of Nigella seeds – but until last week I didn’t know the name of the spice! Now that I do, I plan to use it a LOT. I know it’s used on bread a lot, so that was my first test.

This photo is taken literally seconds after the first breads went into the oven. See how poofy they became immediately?

And done. They bake quite quickly! Super stress free, cooking with half an hour intervals where you can get other work done and then you just pop them into the oven and WHOOSH! Delicious bread in 5 minutes!

Look at the pretty, pretty crust and bubbles!

And yes – delicious! Happy Thanksgiving!

PS: It also works great as Focaccia with coarse salt and rosemary on top:

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Grilled halloumi, eggplant and zucchini with a spicy roasted bell pepper and walnut sauce for dipping. Some cherry tomatoes and parsley for decoration, and couscous with cinnamon and cardamom in the top layer.

BF’s box. Exactly the same in a different arrangement.

If anybody knows the arab name of the sauce which I must have forgotten for the third or fourth time now, could you please tell me in a comment? Thanks!
Bell pepper and walnut sauce
1 food processor (important!)
1/2-1 cup walnuts
2 slices toast with the crust cut off
2-3 roasted bell peppers
1-2 cloves garlic
1/4 cup olive oil
salt, pepper

I used pickled red bell peppers from a jar, but I suppose if you roast and peel them yourself they would be even better! To roast bell peppers, put them skin side up under the grill and peel them when the skin has become black and bubbly. If you’re not using pickled peppers, add a spoon of vinegar to the sauce.
Chop the walnuts and toast finely in a food processor. Add the rest of the ingredients and process until smooth. Done!

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