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Bento #307

Very simple – veggie maki rolls (cucumber, avocado, leek and mayo) and inarizushi left over from dinner, and a soy fishy.

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This weeks Bento Challenge is “Penguins”!
I am a geek, so I had no choice.

Tux is an onigiri stuffed with tuna (since any good penguin wants to be stuffed with fish!). The details are nori and rice coloured with turmeric.
Then there’s cherry tomatoes, avocado (with a SuSE chameleon hiding on it), pieces of mini quiche, soy sauce fishy bottle, celery, olives and a Toblerone chocolate.

This is my own box, which is slightly smaller. I made this one first, and learned from my mistakes – hence why I like the BF’s better :)
If you’re wondering how on Earth I’m gonna close that one – I lost the lid to it a while ago, so I don’t have to worry about that <.<; I'm putting another box on top and tying it together with a napkin.
The BF's closed fine, though.

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Bento #280

Small box: Rice with sesame and a cherry tomato.
Big box: Abura-age (fried tofu), celery, cherry tomatoes, mangold with soy sauce, pickled chiles and cucumbers and tamagoyaki slices.

BF’s bento has the same, just in a bigger box.
And before anyone asks: He doesn’t mind the box being pink. Or the food being cute.

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Bento #263

Teriyaki salmon, broccoli, asparagus and cherry tomatoes in the foreground, rice with sesame seeds in the background.
Simple and nice ^^;

Non-bento related news:
Geek girls unite! I’ve been at the Swedish Geek Girl Meetup all weekend. On their site you can see me geeking it with some electronics!

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Nothing too fancy for a Monday: tamagoyaki, avocado and cucumber strips on sushi rice, some nori strips, wasabi and pickled ginger.

BF’s box:

He doesn’t like ginger, so no pink for him!

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Bento #249

After this brief peanut-butter interlude, back to your normal bento programming.

I was actually planning to make chirashizushi with the sushi rice I prepared, but when I cut into my avocado I found it had… gone bad. Aw.
But there’s always a chance to turn defeat into something good – and nobody will argue when the alternative is inarizushi! Yum.
The other layer holds a sliced Demeter tomato, the last of the corncob flowers, a soy sauce fishy and tamagoyaki on lettuce. Tasty!

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Rice topped with scrambled egg, tomato and cucumber flowers, carrot flowers, stirfried bok choy, fried marinated tofu, and 1 1/2 chili cheese tops from McDo as dessert.

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