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Bento #243

Sorry about the horrible lighting in this one – I was zoned out on cough syrup in the evening and had to make this in a hurry in the morning, no time to fiddle around with the camera!
Plain onigiri, homegrown cherry tomatoes and a toffee in the big compartment, a mini quiche, broccoli and a carrot heart in the small one.
I was so glad for bento staples in this one – but now I have to restock on all of them! Especially the quiches.

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Inarizushi kittens playing in a broccoli forest! And carrot flowers, a fishy of soy (fits the kittens), three pieces of egglog and some grapes.

We’ll see if I can eat them. I don’t often do charaben – well, actually that’s because I really have no patience, but the few I made I had *serious* problems eating! Cuteness and food… is a hard combination for me.

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Bento #194

Happy 2009!

Back from vacation!
Stirfry with scrambled egg, Turkish bell pepper and eggplant, some raw carrot slices, a cherry tomato and two dumplings with soy sauce in the lower layer.
Mixed grain rice with ume furikake in the upper layer.

The sauce is a simple Chinese stirfry sauce paradoxically containing ketchup. That stuff does go around the world…!
The recipe is simple, stir fry the ingredients of your choice (I use garlic, chili and szechuan pepper to season the oil), then put on two tablespoons of dark Chinese soy sauce, two tablespoons of rice vinegar and a squirt of ketchup. Season to taste with some sugar.
Yes… it is Chinese. Promise!
Because of the dark soy sauce it didn’t look as god in the bento as it should, but I was really feeling like it. Too bad the purple of the eggplant didn’t come out in the photo…

BF gets the same, but requested more dumplings.

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Bento #192

Simple food but in a pretty box!
Fishsticks (halved), peas, broccoli, purple potato flowers, a bear cup wtih mayo&ketchup and a marzipan heart. Rice.

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I love the internet

Because when Dad randomly sent me a Google doc with Jamie Oliver’s Pumpkin á la Hamilton recipe, it took me about five seconds to realize “Hey! I have all the ingredients for that!”

And then half an hour to prepare and snap photos before it went into the oven!

And 75 minutes later, there was a delicious sweet stuffed butternut squash dinner on my plate.


(not posting the recipe because it’s Jamie’s – but if you want to know I might mail it over to you.
Some of my comments if you do own the recipe: The raw pumpkin seeds don’t add anything much – I wouldn’t bother with putting them in. The stuffing needs a lot of salt so the rice and flesh can soak it up while cooking, so oversalt it a little before putting it into the squash. And definitely use Arborio, not Basmati rice :) )

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Bento #182 – Bibimbap

Bibimbap with various veggies, egg and pink-dyed tofu, left over from dinner.

Hmm, my picture quality has been better.

Clockwise: Pink tofu, egg, spinach, carrot kinpira, sweet cabbage, mushroom and leek, corn, mungbean sprouts. BF gets the same but no cabbage as he didn’t like it. :P

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More mushroom risotto decorated with parsley, snow peas and carrot flowers, cup of corn and peas with carrot flowers poking out, bear cup with baba ganoush, fudge candy, baby plum tomato, carrot sticks and asparagus spears.


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