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Bento #237

While my new batch of Puff pastry zucchini quiches for bento is cooling in the kitchen, here’s a bento with the last of the old batch.
Also in the box: Onigiri, cucumber slices, half a kumquat, bell pepper hearts in hummus, homegrown sugar peas, parsley and an amarettini cookie.

BF had exactly the same, so no photo.

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Bento #235

I have a few more boxes that might be postworthy lined up, but I just can’t get myself to blog very much recently.

For a nice midsummer picknick – mushroom and zucchini quiche, homegrown cherry tomatoes and sugar peas, and bulgur.

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Bento #228

Big box: Slice of quiche, carrot sticks, sundried tomato, cress, cherry tomato and olive.
Small box: Couscous (there’s more underneath the stuff in the big box), carrot sticks, cucumber, fishy with balsam vinegar, chocolate Cthulhu.

BF’s box.
And because I can never resist posting a photo of a quiche…

The quiche is filled with caramelized onion and feta, with a yellow cheese crust on top. It’s kind of a mix between two quiche recipes that I found in my cookbook (heavily influenced by what I actually had at home) but it’s really nice and savoury. If you serve this to a meat-eater, I promise he/she won’t miss anything.

Next time I will make thicker onion rings so they won’t lose so much substance while cooking. They are roasted in a cast-iron pan while the pie shell bakes.
There are also black olives and sundried tomato stripes in the filling, but the tomato didn’t add anything (it doesn’t seem to come out against the onion and the feta) and I’ll leave it out next time.

Ingredients in a neat list:
1 pie shell of your trust
2 onions, cut into rings and cooked in a castiron pan with a little olive oil
1 cup feta cubes
2-3 eggs, 1-2Tsp. sourcream or Greek Yoghurt
1 handful grated yellow cheese
Olives, salt, pepper, French herbs to taste
Layer the onion rings in the pie shell, mix everything else and pour over, top with grated cheese, bake.

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Bento #213

Two feta and tomato mini quiches on lettuce, purple potato and carrot flowers.

BF gets exactly the same. More purple potato is hidden underneath the lettuce!

I made more mini quiches for my freezer stash yesterday – but more on that later as I’ve promised that article to Maki from Just Bento as a guest post first!

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Bento #212


I found those spiral-shaped rice noodles in an Asian supermarket and just had to try them…
Rice pasta with dry peanut/carrot sauce, zucchini quiche Lorraine, lettuce, cherry tomato and a mint.
The ratios are probably way off in this one but I felt like a bigger bento today. I was quite hungry after coming home from class yesterday…


BF gets the same, with a bigger portion of pasta.

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Bento #202


I might wait with the celebrations until #250…
This bento isn’t very celebratory today, on account that I cut my finger somewhat painfully yesterday while making dinner and was in no mood to make bento afterwards. So I threw this together in the morning out of a leftover upper layer from Monday and some stock ingredients from my fridge/freezer.

The upper layer is still couscous salad with parsley and lemon. The lower layer is a frozen quiche cup on lettuce, a cherry tomato, pickled onions, some homegrown alfalfa sprouts (I put some homegrown cress on the quiche as well), a candy and a fishy with balsam vinegar.

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Bento #194

Happy 2009!

Back from vacation!
Stirfry with scrambled egg, Turkish bell pepper and eggplant, some raw carrot slices, a cherry tomato and two dumplings with soy sauce in the lower layer.
Mixed grain rice with ume furikake in the upper layer.

The sauce is a simple Chinese stirfry sauce paradoxically containing ketchup. That stuff does go around the world…!
The recipe is simple, stir fry the ingredients of your choice (I use garlic, chili and szechuan pepper to season the oil), then put on two tablespoons of dark Chinese soy sauce, two tablespoons of rice vinegar and a squirt of ketchup. Season to taste with some sugar.
Yes… it is Chinese. Promise!
Because of the dark soy sauce it didn’t look as god in the bento as it should, but I was really feeling like it. Too bad the purple of the eggplant didn’t come out in the photo…

BF gets the same, but requested more dumplings.

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