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Bento #3!

Took my big box today and filled it with random boxes. Starting top left:
* Minicontainer with mini-plum tomatoes (like cherry but eggshaped :P)
* Between containers: Sohan (that's an iraqi (?) sweet containing almond splinters, cashews or sesame seed glued together with some sort of honey caramel)
* Minicontainer with bananas. Look! Bananaface! (black sesame)
* In between containers, horizontal: Chopped chicoree.
* Big container: Farfalle (means “butterfly”) pasta with chanterell mushroom and champignon cream sauce, decorated with plum tomato butterflies.

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Backdated Bento #2

I was really tired and rushed last night so I couldn't make anything for leftovers. Still tired this morning, I reasoned CousCous is the prefect food for being so – it's quick and it works when you don't feel like rice or pasta.

Couscous salad!
Couscous with black sesame sprinkles, decorated with some carrots and leek and a piece of the lime I used for the dressing. Carrots, leek and more romanescu cauliflower on a bed of chicoree, and avocado squares as additional ingredients for the salad, and a small extra container with the dressing consisting mainly of balsamico and lime juice with some curry and pepper in it.

And since I feared it wouldn't be enough (I was right), a cuppa noodles. This brand btw is the hottest braind of noodles I could find here – delightfully spicy!

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Only a quick leftovers-bento today but nevertheless! My first bento!
And you were right – it's really filling even if it's that little.

Rice with carrot sunrise, banana curry decorated with more romanescu cauliflower, mini-twix.

As some people have asked, I'll post a little more about the banana curry. It has no specific ethnic origin, it's just something my mom whipped up some day and I inherited the recipe from her. That's also why there aren't any “must-have” ingredients (except bananas) or ratios, sorry ^^;
Next time I post a recipe I'll hunt for ratios first. Promise!

You need:
ripe Bananas (1 per person works fine for me, less if they're big) sliced and tossed in a little rice starch or flour so they don't dissolve or stick together completely when frying
Vegetables of your choice (I like soy sprouts, carrot, leek, bell peppers and whatever else I have lying around)
garlic and chili if you like it.
some oil
Sauce: 1/2 – 1 cup of soy sauce (if it's the thick chinese one stretch it with water, but kikkoman works fine as well. It changes the taste though – so figure out what you prefer!), curry (I use Garam Masala and some unnamed “oriental spicy” curry that's strong and sweet, 1 tsp. each), some ketchup or tomato paste and sugar. It should be sweet to complement the bananas!

The rest is easy – heat the oil with the garlic and chili in a wok or pan. Put the bananas in and fry them when the oil is very hot (they like to soak up oil though, so if you use as little as I do add some more when you put in the rest of the veg). Add the rest of the veg and wok everything. Add sauce and cook for a little longer so the tastes combine well.

This basic recipe is vegetarian – but it also tastes great with chicken strips, white fish or shrimps! When I do that, I toss strips of fish or whole shrimp (I don't eat chicken) in flour and add them to the bananas.


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