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Bento #263

Teriyaki salmon, broccoli, asparagus and cherry tomatoes in the foreground, rice with sesame seeds in the background.
Simple and nice ^^;

Non-bento related news:
Geek girls unite! I’ve been at the Swedish Geek Girl Meetup all weekend. On their site you can see me geeking it with some electronics!

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Nothing too fancy for a Monday: tamagoyaki, avocado and cucumber strips on sushi rice, some nori strips, wasabi and pickled ginger.

BF’s box:

He doesn’t like ginger, so no pink for him!

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Bento #249

After this brief peanut-butter interlude, back to your normal bento programming.

I was actually planning to make chirashizushi with the sushi rice I prepared, but when I cut into my avocado I found it had… gone bad. Aw.
But there’s always a chance to turn defeat into something good – and nobody will argue when the alternative is inarizushi! Yum.
The other layer holds a sliced Demeter tomato, the last of the corncob flowers, a soy sauce fishy and tamagoyaki on lettuce. Tasty!

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Rice topped with scrambled egg, tomato and cucumber flowers, carrot flowers, stirfried bok choy, fried marinated tofu, and 1 1/2 chili cheese tops from McDo as dessert.

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Today I finally managed to get properly in on the green challenge!
Maki rolls with cucumber, avocado, leek and mayo, inarizushi, broccoli, lettuce and kiwis.

My own box.

When making sushi, I always hate that the rice takes so long to cool. I don’t premake the sushi rice, so it makes me seriously antsy having to choose between burning my fingers and crinkling the nori and having to wait aaaaaages for the rice to cool down! Today I’ve figured out a neat little trick to cool down sushi rice quickly AND save time for rolling maki rolls:

Spread out some rice thinly on a small cutting board. I have one that’s exactly the width of a nori leaf, and about 2-3 cm shorter in the other dimension. Perfect!
Put a sheet of plastic foil on top of the rice. Pop it into the freezer and stack something frozen on it.
Take out after a minute, pull off the sheet (all moisture seemed to stick to the plastic instead of the rice for me, practically) and press the cutting board upside own onto the nori. The rice comes off it easily (I used a spoon to poke it a bit where it resisted), leaving a 1,5cm margin on either side perfect for stacking the veggies and sealing.
Rinse, repeat for each sheet of nori.

Mwahaha… I’m a laziness genius! Right? Right? :D

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Bento #222

Sushi rice in various shapes (inarizushi, mini maki rolls with carrot, and onigiri), carrot kinpira, raw bell pepper flowers, tamagoyaki and a fishy with soy sauce.

BF gets the same in his usual box. He says he likes it when there’s a lot of different dishes in the bento so I try to include a few varieties ^^;

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Bento #210 and 211


My lunch bento for today: veggie lasagna cubes, asparagus, grapes, cherry tomatoes and some potato croquettes, all on iceberg lettuce with some more lettuce stuffed between the food as a stabiliser and to be eaten with balsamic vinegar (in the bottle) on top.


My art classes start again tonight so I’m bringing a snack bento to eat before that. Onigiri with umeboshi furikake, microwave egglog, carrot flowers, grapes and an English mint biscuit.

Bf’s bento:


Same as me, but he also gets the last of the quiche cups so it’s a bit more substantial. I bought a lot of eggs this weekend – gonna restock my freezer stash!

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This one is finally supposed to get me into a more celebratory mood. Inarizushi kitten, rainbow maki with carrot and cucumber stars and 5-coloured rice, tamagoyaki and lots of tasty veggies, fruit and chocolate.

I sacrificed the last of my blue onigiri freezer batch for the maki – now I’ll have to wait until I get new easter egg dyes! (It’s freakishly hard to get hold of blue dye around here.) The yellow is done with turmeric and the green (badly) with spinach, but the red is also food dye – I didn’t feel like bothering, and I wanted a pinkish red, not an orange-ish red like tomatoes give.
The last colour is white, so no colouring needed.

The BF gets the same in a bigger Curver box.

I have more rainbow maki left, so expect another celebration tomorrow!

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Bento #203

I used up nearly all my freezer stash, which mainly means that I need to scrounge for good protein in my bentos. Luckily I always have eggs :)
This bento contains, of its basic elements:
Carbohydrates: Jasmine rice
Proteins: Tamagoyaki, two vegetarian dumplings
Veggies: Enoki and oyster mushrooms, carrot kinpira, fried eggplant (rolled up), a cherry tomato and salad.
Other: a fishy of soy sauce.

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Inarizushi kittens playing in a broccoli forest! And carrot flowers, a fishy of soy (fits the kittens), three pieces of egglog and some grapes.

We’ll see if I can eat them. I don’t often do charaben – well, actually that’s because I really have no patience, but the few I made I had *serious* problems eating! Cuteness and food… is a hard combination for me.

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